About Us

                         Friends of Fieldworkers, Inc.


Friends of Fieldworkers, Inc., is a non-profit charity established to help improve the lives of the families of fieldworkers in Ventura County. We receive contributions of cash and in-kind gifts (clothing, bedding, books, household items, furniture, etc.), sponsor activities for children, and provide assistance with such matters as healthcare, childcare, education and housing.


Friends of Fieldworkers, Inc., was founded on October 7, 2013, as a response to the Oxnard fire of October 4, 2013, that destroyed the homes of dozens of families and left them to fend for themselves. The group collected clothing, household items, furniture, toys, medical supplies and books, and distributed them to as many of the displaced and scattered families as could be located. From its founding until May, 2015, it operated as a subsidiary of Join the Farm, and along with The Abundant Table, received contributions of cash and in-kind goods that were distributed to families and relatives of the fire victims.


Friends of Fieldworkers, Inc., was incorporated in the State of California on May 13, 2015, as a not-for-profit charitable organization. The IRS granted the charity 501(c)(3) status in November, 2015, retroactive to its founding date.


Judy F. Lucas, President
Ted Lucas, Vice President and Treasurer
Angelica Moreno-Salas, Secretary

Fr. Anthony Guillen, Consultant                                                              


Schneiders & Associates, L.L.P.
300 E. Esplanade Drive
Oxnard, CA 93036


We raised funds for corrective orthodontia for a high school student; established in-apartment libraries for children; helped fund a high school student’s participation in national leadership workshop; located a plastic surgeon to provide pro-bono corrective treatment for a burn victim; started several backyard raised gardens; collected items from thrift stores for rummage sale; given food and gift cards to families; accompanied families to attorneys for legal advice on immigration status. This past Christmas we raised over $1,200 which enabled us to buy new pairs of shoes for 60 children of the farm workers we have been working with this past year. This past summer, we funded the participation of nine children of farm workers and one parent in the Summer Farm Camp sponsored by The Abundant Table. In September we bought an "interview suit" for a young woman who had an interview with a major department store, but had no appropriate clothes to wear. She got the job!  And in October we paid part of the travel expenses for the daughter of a farm worker to attend an Encampment leadership workshop at Columbia University in New York.